Miss Kitty Shares Her Experience So Far as a First-Time Mom; Teases New Pregnancy Journey Series – Watch Videos

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, media personality Miss Kitty has shared her experiences so far as a new mom and has revealed that she will be showcasing her pregnancy journey in a new series.

Miss Kitty, born Khadine Hylton, tied the knot with attorney Ian Wilkinson last October and went on to announce that they were expecting their first child in November. The CVM Sunrise host later gave birth to their daughter on March 5.


The first-time mom has not yet returned to the morning television programme but checked in with her fellow Sunrise hosts, Tami Chin and Yendi Phillips, during their Mother’s Day show on Friday. Joining Yendi and Tami via a video call, Miss Kitty praised mothers, expressing that their names should be sent to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and President Joe Biden to receive a national award.

Miss Kitty, who dressed down for the show in pyjamas like Tami and Yendi, also shared how hectic it can be for a mother.

“This morning I said, ‘Boy, I’m looking so disheveled. I don’t know if I can really come pan di people dem TV looking like a homeless person. But mi seh to mi self seh ‘Yuh know wah God, in honour of Tami and Yendi and their transparency and their authenticity, yuh know what is true; as a mommy, this is the reality.’ And I really am embracing it because, at the end of the day, behind every well-dressed, well-fed baby is a mommy that looks homeless,” Miss Kitty stated.

Miss Kitty went on to reveal that her pregnancy journey will be further shared in an upcoming YouTube series. Miss Kitty’s new series will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her pregnancy, and according to the TV show host, it will put an end to whatever speculation and rumours are going around.

Since exchanging vows last year, Miss Kitty has been offering fans a look into her life, announcing her pregnancy during an ultrasound on CVM Sunrise and later sharing the gender of their baby during a live-streamed gender reveal. Her latest look into her life, Modern Mommy Diaries, is scheduled to premiere on Mother’s Day this Sunday.

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