Miss Kitty Talks on Pampering and Cooking For Her Man Now That She’s Married – Watch Video

Saturday, October 21, 2023, 11:57 AM

While sharing some words of encouragement at CVM-TV’s See It Happen Tour, Miss Kitty expressed how she has fully embraced pampering her husband, Ian Wilkinson.



The media personality emphasised the importance of being educated, ambitious, and having a good heart while addressing the women in the crowd. She noted that these qualities would be recognised by one’s spouse and ultimately lead to marriage. 

Sharing how she has embraced the role of a wife, Miss Kitty declared that she is now cooking and hilariously listed the dishes she cooked for her husband, Ian. Prior to her marriage, Miss Kitty had revealed in an interview that she was learning to cook as she was aspiring to become a wife and start a family.

The former radio talk show host faced backlash in the past after sharing her opinion that boyfriends should not get the same treatment as husbands, which included cooking for them. She declared similar sentiments at the CVM tour, stating that she did not treat “John Crow like hummingbird.”


Expressing that when she is treated like a queen, she is willing to reciprocate, Miss Kitty shared that she is pampering her husband and giving him massages. As she is now catering to her spouse, she had ditched her long fingernails.

Watch the video below.


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