More Scenes from Flooding in Jamaica; Weather Improves

Although the weather across the island has shown signs of improvement and the tropical storm watch has been lifted, lasting effects of flooding can still be seen in some parts of Jamaica.

Multiple roadways have been closed and videos showing damages and flooded communities have been circulating online as civilians spread awareness. One such video of Barbican, a neighbourhood in Kingston, Jamaica, displays parked cars stuck and unable to move as water levels rose so high, the cars were almost completely covered and a few people struggled to navigate the flooded streets.


News also travelled of the JDF AW (Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing) doing some good deed as they rescued twenty-four individuals who were trapped at the intersection of Amity Hall and Golden Grove intersection yesterday by high-level flood waters. The two dozen persons were rescued via airlift by the AW and transported to the Wheelersfield Community Centre.

The rescue effort was led by Lt O Gordon and Maj L Moulton.

As the day progresses into Saturday, November 18, Weather Jamaica shares updates of early morning satellite images that show the potential tropical cyclone number 22 veering toward east Jamaica. However, although this spells for improvement in weather conditions, isolated showers may still be possible.

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