“My Father Had 2 Wives,” Morgan Heritage Reflects on Growing Up in a Big Polygamous Household – Watch Video

In a candid and insightful video that has taken the online community by storm, the renowned members of Morgan Heritage engaged in a heartfelt conversation with Sway from Shade 45 on the illustrious Sway In The Morning Show. 

With an air of authenticity and openness, Peter “Peetah” Morgan, Roy “Gramps” Morgan, and Memmalatel “Mr Mojo” Morgan embarked on a journey down memory lane, sharing their unique experiences of growing up in a polygamous household that painted a vibrant picture of their upbringing.


See below a photo of Mojo and Peetah on the Sway In The Morning show:

Morgan Heritage

See below a photo of Gramps on the Sway in the Morning Show:

Morgan Heritage

Born to their father, the esteemed Denroy Morgan, the siblings fondly recounted a household where two wives coexisted under the same roof.

The charismatic Mojo highlighted that their mother comfortably resided on the first floor, whilst Peetah’s mother occupied the second floor. The older siblings carved their spaces on the third floor, while the basement assumed the role of a playground.


Amid the heartwarming anecdotes, Peetah reminisced about their days in Springfield, Massachusetts, which ended due to a rather unconventional reason. He recounted how the family’s numbers and vivacity led to their eviction from a local neighbourhood as concerned neighbours lodged complaints with the city authorities, asserting that the Morgan household had too many members under one roof.

Intriguingly, Sway’s curiosity ventured into the harmonious dynamics of the two wives, leading to an unequivocal unanimous response from the siblings. Their harmonious affirmations painted a picture of amity that lasted for 18 years until one of the wives passed away. Throughout this period, the maternal figures within the Morgan household defied societal norms, dismantling stereotypes as they fostered a genuine bond that surpassed mere coexistence. 

Watch the video below:


The video, shared on Instagram by the eminent @realsway, bore witness to a flood of reactions from devoted followers and casual admirers alike. Accompanied by the caption “@MORGANHERITAGE talks growing up in a polygamous household,” the post garnered many likes and profound admiration. 

Enthusiastic comments painted the brothers as legends, echoing their impact on music and culture. Many seized the moment to reflect on the prevalence of polygamous relationships, offering insights that shifted the needle of societal understanding.

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