Mother Gave 3YO Daughter Matching Tattoos; Now Receiving Backlash – Watch Video

In a controversial video making rounds on different social media platforms, it seems that a mother of a 3-year-old girl gave herself and the child a set of matching tattoos. 

The video shows the little girl, wearing a yellow top, jeans, and socks, sitting in a chair as the person who is assumed to be her mother cleans an area on her right hand to apply the tattoo. A sticker of the desired tattoo is added for easy application. 

Afterwards, a cream is added before she begins to trace over the sticker outline. The design of the tattoo is of a pair of interlocking hearts with a K and an A added. The mother then gives herself the same tattoo. 

Watch the video below:

In the comment section, many were speculating that the tattoo is not real as the little girl did not seem to be in pain, but others refuted it, saying that numbing cream was used. Someone else pointed out that it was child abuse and that the tattoo artist could go to jail.

Read more comments below:

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