Mother Gives Her Toddler Beer – Watch Video

A mother, who was feeding her child the bottle of beer she was drinking, received more approval from Twitter users than backlash. The viral video of the woman sharing a cold bottle of beer with her toddler outside had the majority of Twitter users defending her intentions.

While the initial message of the post was to degrade the woman for poor parenting skills and child endangerment, more people found the post relatable and spoke of the custom of sneaking children a sip of beer.

Several users claimed that this is especially customary in Latino and Mexican households, despite the fact that Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18. The female, who seemed to be Latino American, was said to be of this race by a user who claimed that this was the norm for Latinos.

The post was shared by Daily Loud today, with a cry for help from child protective services.

“This mother was giving her toddler beer,” the Daily Loud reported. “Someone needs to call child protective services. This is just disgusting 😔.”

Users felt that the caption was exaggerating the matter and shared their own experiences.

While a few people voiced that it was poisoning the child’s body and the need to break this norm, two people drew on the old myth of rubbing alcohol on a teething baby’s gums to point out that individuals are using this home remedy.

The debate continued, with more people denying the notion of children sipping beer being an issue than the handful of others who found it threatening.

See several reactions below:

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