Mother In Latest Child Abuse Viral Video Reports To Police

The mother seen beating and threatening her daughter in the latest child abuse viral video reportedly turned herself into the Whithorn Police Station in Westmoreland on Saturday.

However, Superintendent Lanford Salmon, head of the Westmoreland Police, said she is not in custody.

He revealed that the police are still conducting investigations and will determine if she should be charged at a meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon.

The National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC) has intervened in the case and the mother is receiving counselling from the organization.

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14 Comments on "Mother In Latest Child Abuse Viral Video Reports To Police"

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Aneisha CmCampbell

A suh wen dem have man stress dem tek it out pon di poor pickney dem

Stacy-ann Mcintosh

I hope dem lock up her rass!!! Too wicked mon!

Hazeline Gibb

Same way she beet that baby some body should find that bitch and kick here ass if were my grandchild she beet like that i know this time i would be in jail

Rosemarie Walker

Nuh matter how u stress out don’t take it out on ur kids dem me wan knw deh nan weh breed she dem fi take away deh two kids dem fr her