Mr Lexx Says Beenie Man and Bounty Killer Were Gatekeepers… Talks What’s “Mashing Up Dancehall” – Watch Interview

Monday, February 27, 2023, 6:36 PM

On a recent appearance on Razor B’s Tongue Talk Podcast, dancehall veteran Mr Lexx expressed that fellow artistes Beenie Man and Bounty Killer were gatekeepers in dancehall.

During his sit down with host Razor B, Mr Lexx discussed artistes paying DJs to play their music, the current state of dancehall, and the ever-changing tastes of fans. After discussing artistes not wanting to share the same riddim with other entertainers, Razor B asked Mr Lexx about his decades-long feud with Bounty Killer. Mr Lexx said that during his rise to stardom in dancehall, he had accomplished a lot of firsts in the industry, and other artistes felt threatened.


The Monkeys Out deejay expressed that the gatekeeping in the industry only allowed the rise of one artiste a year.

“Yuh see before me buss, a one artiste them use to buss a year. Tru the impact weh him (Bounty Killer) and Beenie Man dem have pon the industry, dem lego one artist a year. Before me buss, was zebra. Before Zebra buss, was Vegas….” Mr Lexx stated.

According to the entertainer, he changed that and opened the door for a number of artistes to share the spotlight at the same time.

“Me come say yow, eh eh, seven or eight ah we can hot one time [ … ]me start par wid a yute name Chaka Diamond, a yute name Danny English, Kiprich,” Mr Lexx said, listing the aspiring artistes that he included in his entourage. The artiste outlined that this led to Bounty, Beenie Man and Mad Cobra having issues with him.

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According to Mr Lexx, Beenie Man copied his lyrical style and dissed him on his single World Gone Mad. The deejay said that Mad Cobra also came at him, but he looked up to Cobra and Beenie and spoke to both men, squashing whatever beef was brewing between them. However, he’s not cool with Bounty.

Watch the interview below.

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