Mr. Vegas Confronts Alleged Child Predator who “Molest” His Son – Watch Video

Mr. Vegas has shared that he caught a child molester who reportedly molested his son and several other boys in St. Elizabeth. The alleged predator, identified as Vanni, was caught on camera fleeing after the dancehall veteran confronted him.

According to Mr. Vegas, the man agreed to speak with him “off the air” about the allegations. Refusing to do so, Mr. Vegas recorded Vanni upon meeting him, leading to the man walking off.
In the released footage, Mr. Vegas followed him, asking, “Weh yuh wife name?…How much a di likkle bwoy dem yuh molest?”

Vanni then started to run, and Vegas chased him, asking him about the number of boys he molested while referring to him as “batty bwoy.” Vanni jumped over a fence to escape the dancehall artiste, who later spoke to the suspect’s wife about the molestation.


“Him nuh wah yuh know seh him a child molester… Mi come confront him fi molest di likkle bwoy dem dung a St. Elizabeth, even my son,” Mr. Vegas said to the female while urging her to leave Vanni.


Vegas informed the woman that her husband told him they were newly married with children. He subsequently warned her to run away with her kids before her husband molested them as he did with the other children.

Vegas initially said that Vanni tried to rape his son when he was seven years old, and his son even attempted to commit suicide.

“From him a seven him start molest him. A true a nuh Jamaica mi deh mek him nuh dead,” he told the woman. “And di police dem cyah do noting because a Jamaica him dweet and a foreign him deh.”

Watch the video of Mr. Vegas below:


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