Multiple Men Unknowingly Dance With Male at Trinidad Carnival – Watch Videos

As the carnival season kick-starts in Trinidad and Tobago, a series of videos went viral on the internet of what seems to be a male crossdresser dancing with multiple unassuming men in the streets.

The videos, posted by Kemz on Twitter with the caption, “If this don’t happen is it really carnival?”, showcase a normal scene of what looks like a woman dancing in close proximity to either a truck or float and a number of passing men stop to have a dance.


However, after they have danced for while, a male standing close by would go up to them and mouth that they are actually dancing with another man who is dressed up in women’s clothing.

The men would all appear to be shocked by the revelation before walking away.

See the post below:

The comment section of the post came alive as people reacted to the videos. Someone said, “πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ see why if my usual crew not going those carnival events. I nah go,” while another voiced, “The man who warning them is a real one☝️.” Another individual with a different take stated, “Issa Set up lmaoooo.”

See more comments below:

Watch the videos below:

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