Nadine Receives Support at Mountain View Ave. after Relocation from Crab Circle

After the scandal of Crab Circle‘s viral video last year, crab vendor Nadine Francis has moved on to greener pastures, and the public, grateful for her past actions, seemingly plans to support her every step of the way.

Nadine had reportedly received threats after exposing a fellow crab vendor for her unsanitary actions at her stall and she was afraid to return to the location to sell. Along with being uncomfortable with returning to Heroes Circle, Nadine faced depression at having her livelihood taken away.

However, she has relocated to Mountain View Avenue, close to the police station, to continue her business and the public is showing their support by visiting her new location.

Headteacha Kay made a post to Facebook stating, “It was wonderful seeing Nadine (formerly from Heroes Circle) now fully established, up and running with a vibrant crab stall in Mountain View…SUPPORT NADINE.”

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The post and news were met with prayers and talks of a prosperous career for the foreseeable future for Nadine.

Roselee McBean said, “Please protect her my God,” Mavis Charles stated, “Hope that her business flourishes,” and Julie Gordon vowed, “Congratulations!!❤️ I am coming to support you the moment I reach Jamaica which will be very soon.”

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