Nicki Minaj Continues to Troll Megan Who Keeps Clapping Back! Here’s The Latest

Saturday, January 27, 2024, 3:21 PM GMT-5

Following the release of Megan Thee Stallion’s Hiss song, Nicki Minaj has been on a Twitter spree, dragging Megan for a number of things. This included calling her out for allegedly throwing her friends under the bus, lying on Tory Lanez and others, sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend, and reportedly advising Nicki to end her pregnancy.

In one of the tweets, the Queen of Rap said that Megan Thee Stallion was easy to get into the sheets as long as someone was offering her a free beat. The tweet, made Friday night, reads, “Megan’s law. For a free beat you could hit #MeganRAW. “

The tweet, which she hinted was written by her alter-ego Roman Zolanski, racked up millions of views, much like her other tweets that bashed Megan. Another post made on X on Friday consisted of Nicki chastising Megan for dragging her dead mother into her lies and hooking up with her friend’s boyfriend.

“Y’all wanna bring up family members???!! And lying on your dead mother?!?!! Lied to Gayle. Lied on & F**KED your best friend man?!!!!!” Nicki said.

In the same tweet, the Yikes rapper even hinted that Megan wanted her to get an abortion and called her a “nasty serpant,” while heeding her to repent. “Told me to drink & go to the clinic if I was pregnant. All b/c I wouldn’t let your funky butt pour liquor down my throat?” She continued and added more telling information.

In a later tweet, Nicki went on to call her a “disgusting serpant,” noting that Megan’s ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine said Megan lied while swearing on her dead mother.

The Barbz, Nicki’s fanbase, went investigating and posted the receipts of when Pardi said this about Megan, which turned out to be from one of his songs.

As the feud between Nicki and Megan continues, Megan made a post about slapping Nicki in the face and the FTCU rapper responded by telling her once again, “REPENT WICKED WOMAN REPENT.”

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