Nicki Minaj Here Singing Along to Skeng and Tommy Lee’s “Protocol” – Watch Video

Sunday, February 26, 2023, 2:07 PM

The bond between young dancehall artiste Skeng and Nicki Minaj seems stronger than ever as The Queen updated her Instagram story with a video of herself vibing to his music.

In the video, Nicki is sitting around a table in what seems to be a black dress layered with a jeans jacket, and her two-toned bubblegum pink and deep red hair was done up in rolls. She is surrounded by people and music is playing on the background.


The instrumentals for Skeng and Tommy Lee’s song Protocol begin to play and the crowd vibrates with anticipation of the lyrics following. The Barbie Tingz rapper breaks out into a huge smile and declares, “get ready!”.

When Skeng launches into the song, Nicki and her companions do the same with Nicki singing, “Protocol, wi have hunred strap. Molly get pop, whole place get hot. Rinse out everyting outta di Glock. Hollow point dat a lodge up inna bwoy headback.”

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Both Tommy Lee and Skeng were tagged in the Instagram Story when it was posted.

Watch the video below:

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