Nicki Minaj Plans To Help Pamputtae With A US Visa – Watch Video

Nicki Minaj previously expressed her love for Dancehall artiste Pamputtae. The Trinidadian rapper has even shared that she will be assisting the Ride It artiste with obtaining a US visa.

The Queen of Rap was on an Instagram livestream when she noticed Pamputtae in the comments, reportedly expressing her desire to join her Pink Friday 2 tour, which starts on March 1 in the United States.

In response to Pamputtae’s comment, Nicki said, “Pamputtae, if you can come out here right now, I will hire you right now on the spot, Pamputtae. And then, you can be on the tour, and every night we can do umm our song… the Fine Nine tings zeen.”

After Pamputtae apparently mentioned that she does not have a US visa, Nicki responded, “Pam, you don’t have no US visa, and yah tell me seh yah come? Alright, Pam, let me see how we can figure this out. You should be able to go wherever the f**k you wanna go… Your a big f**king gyal.”

Watch the video of Nicki Minaj below:

The Instagram live occurred around mid-February, but a screen recording of the live stream was shared on Facebook on Monday. The post mostly received joyous responses from viewers. One viewer said, “Nicki your heart is pure love help who you want don’t watch the hater’s they are jealous.”

Another wrote, “Love it Big up uself Nicki Queen.”

Read more of the comments below:

Additionally, Pamputtae is one of the eight female entertainers featured on Nicki Minaj’s Fine Nine Remix in 2022. In 2021, Nicki endorsed one of Pamputtae’s songs on Instagram, resulting in a significant increase in Pamputtae’s Instagram followers.

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