Nicki Minaj Says She “Might Come To Jamaica This Year” – Watch Video

International megastar Nicki Minaj has indicated that she might be flying down to the island on the heels of releasing her second Likkle Miss remix. The reason for planning the trip to Jamaica is apparently to officially meet several individuals she has met online, including dancehall artiste Pamputtae, one of the eight female acts featured on her newly released single. The Queen of Rap spoke with Pamputtae yesterday on her IG Live, where she professed her love for the Jamaican culture and her desire to visit the island later this year. Nicki also expressed how much the Caribbean culture has inspired her and the genuine liking she has developed for Pamputtae. 

“I might come to Jamaica this year, around December time, I might come. and I can’t wait to come and I can’t wait to meet you, you’re one of those people I can’t wait to meet,” Nicki stated. Pamputtae, who joined the Livestream in a pink wig in honour of Nicki’s brand, also expressed admiration for the rapper. Nicki commended the Nuh Problem artiste for her talent and versatility.


Along with Pamputtae, Nicki also spoke to Dovey Magnum and Lisa Mercedez, who are all featured in the song. The collaboration also consisted of Trinidadian soca stars Destra Garcia and Patrice Roberts, as well as Queen of Dancehall Spice, British rapper Lady Leshurr and American rapper London Hill.

The collaboration, an extended version of Skeng’s Likkle Miss, managed to top the US iTunes chart within hours of its release. Skeng, a Spanish Town native, dropped the original Likkle Miss with a music video earlier this year. Nicki Minaj subsequently collaborated with him on a remix and dropped a new music video shortly after its audio release. The original video has garnered over 3.4 million views on YouTube, and the first remix has received over 2.8 million views. 

Watch the video of Nicki and Pamputtae below:

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