Nigy Boy Receives Praise for ‘Born To Be Great’: Track Resurfaces After His Big Break – Watch Video

Rising Dancehall star Nigy Boy is receiving praise from fans for his single with Demmie Vee and Kelly Living Large, Born To Be Great, as the artiste’s newfound success shines a spotlight on his past singles.

The Dancehall newcomer released his first major single, Continent, in January, on Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim. The song has so far amassed over 8.4 million views on YouTube, and it, as well as Nigy Boy, was praised by Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer for its success and lack of vulgarity.

After releasing Continent, Nigy Boy went on to release Judgement on March 11 on Rvssian’s Payment Plan riddim. As Continent and Judgement continue to garner attention, fans have been delving into the young entertainer’s past catalogue, with Born To Be Great resurfacing online.

Unlike his tracks Continent and Judgement, which are centred around his charismatic masculinity and way with women, Born To Be Great showcases another side of the singer. While Nigy Boy’s verse on the song displays less bravado than Continent and Judgement, the single is nonetheless a testament to his tenacity.

“I man born fi greatness, destined for greatness. That’s why I keep elevating, but bad mind wah shackle and chain mi. Cause dem don’t want me to win big. Dem nuh wah see mi open a business, have house pon di hill, Benz wid di big rim,” Nigy Boy sings on the track.

Reacting to the resurfaced clip of Nigy Boy in the studio listening to the song, many viewers praised the artiste for not including vulgarity in his tracks and creating clean Dancehall music.

“Mi nuh hear one bad wud, nutten bout scamming, nutten bout gun, or how much 😼 him can knock dung (explicitly) an di song bad…can play dis inna any country pon any radio station…a deh suh di money an longevity deh!” one viewer stated.

View more reactions and listen to the full song below.

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