No Charges Will Be Brought Against Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Thursday, February 16, 2023, 7:51 PM

The Integrity Commission’s Director of Corruption Prosecution has ruled that no charges will be brought against Prime Minister Andrew Holness following the Commission’s report implicating him in a possible case of conflict of interest.

The report found that Holness may have influenced the awarding of millions of dollars in government contracts to the company of a business associate. According to the director’s ruling, though sufficient evidence was identified to mount charges for the noted offences, the prosecution would be hard-pressed to resist the abuse of process application with regard to undue delay.


No criminal charges are being suggested concerning the alleged offence because the evidence does not establish a prima facie case with a reasonable chance of conviction.

The ruling states that no criminal charges can be brought due to new information that was made available, which investigations have been unable to refute or add to the evidence supporting the alleged offences.

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Though the commission’s report was recently revealed in the media, quickly stirring controversy, the director’s ruling was made on January 12. In light of the allegations, opposition leader Mark Golding called for Holness to take a leave of absence earlier today.

View the full ruling below.

Learn more from the video report below:

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