Noel Maitland’s Case Management Hearing Set For Friday At The Supreme Court

The murder case involving Noel Maitland, police Constable and boyfriend of the missing social media influencer, Donna-Lee Donaldson, was referred for a case management hearing to be held at the Supreme Court on Friday.

This type of hearing is designed as an administrative process to resolve any and all issues in a case, as part of the preparatory work before the matter is set down for trial. A judge, the defence and the prosecution will be present, analyzing the legislative issues related to the case.


Since July 27, Maitland has been remanded in custody. Police theorize that Donaldson who was reported missing on July 13 was murdered between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. the day before.

No bail application has since been made for the accused, after his lawyer, Christopher Townsend intended to have one submitted last month. However, this was delayed due to the prosecution refusing to disclose witness statements requested by the defence, stating that it would compromise the investigation.

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