Nothing but Good Vibes for 1 Suga Dhon in Latest Single, ‘Mind Frees’

Dancehall newcomer 1 Suga Dhon is focused on promoting good vibes only, attempting to free her mind in her latest single, Mind Frees, the teen does just that.

The artiste has been juggling school and music since recording her first single in 2020. Inspired by dancehall stars Chronic Law and Masicka, the Buff Bay High School alum gravitates to the side of dancehall that seeks to uplift, not just prove who is toughest.

Mind Frees has acquired over 28,000 views since it premiered on YouTube earlier this summer, and the single’s light-hearted, party-loving lyrics melds perfectly into the laidback style of the music video. 

“I wanna free my mind right now; I need to party. You can not break my vibes right now; I’m feeling happy. Mi just a rock and a move to the flow. Splif afta splif mi de ina mi zone,” 1 Suga Dhon sings on the track.

1 Suga Dhon’s video features multiple scenic shots from the beach, which should come as no surprise, with the deejay hailing from Portland, known for its lavish coastline. 1 Suga Dhon embodies the song’s feelgood theme as she delivers some energetic dance moves while further endorsing living life to the fullest with the lyrics.

“Mi guh party all night, every week, every day. 345 ketch di foot play. Mi nuh wah hear nuh talking come out a mi place. The vibes right, Yah, watch di smile pon mi face.”

Watch the video below.

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