Pablo YG Speaks On Musical Career, Trap Dancehall, YG Marley, Dreams, and Being Seen As “Bad Man” Deejay – Watch Interview

Despite experiencing a rapid rise in the music industry when he was a teenager, Dancehall artiste Pablo YG expressed that he feels like he is running out of time. The young artiste who turned 20 in February, shared his thoughts on several topics in a newly released interview, in which he also talks on becoming a Dancehall sensation.

“Mi wouldn’t expect seh mi wudda be big so but the time span weh mi give mi self, the fame and fortune pop up pan mi quicker than weh mi think. Of course when mi deh alone, mi think bout dem thing deh and mi think the best way how mi can mek use a dat,” he said during the interview with TVJ’s Entertainment Report.


Pablo YG continued, “Mi peers dem always tell mi seh, ‘bro, yah 20, yuh have wull heap a time pan yuh hands,’ but mi nuh seet dat deh way deh. Mi feel like 30 right now and mi life a ruh weh lef mi and mi need fi get dah house yah, and mi get dah car yah, and mi need fi get mi life together.”

His popular 2023 song, Rich N Richer, garnered considerable praise, and a freestyle of the song grabbed the attention of prominent American live streamer Kai Cenat, who did a live reaction. “That freestyle was the most popular freestyle from Jamaica and From The Block,” Pablo said, adding that Kai’s reaction video further boosted his recognition.

Pablo YG’s musical style falls within the sub-genre of Trap Dancehall, which he indicated is a promising category for deejays, despite some saying otherwise. He mentioned Skillibeng and Byron Messia as prime examples of successful deejays in Trap Dancehall.

Additionally, the deejay expressed that he aims to connect with both young and old with his music. He expressed not wanting to be perceived as a “bad man” deejay who has conflicts with the police because he is genuinely humble.

During the interview, he also praised Reggae singer YG Marley for the melody in his hit song Praise Jah In The Moonlight and highlighted how the singer brings hope to the Reggae genre. As he continues his journey and strives to improve his skills, Pablo YG will be busy in Canada in the near future with numerous bookings and his new EP.

Watch the interview with Pablo YG below:

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