Pamputtae Reveals How She Got on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Tour Plus Their Lengthy Conversation – Watch Interview

Performing as an opener on April 30 for the second show in Canada for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Tour was not planned, but Pamputtae indicated that it happened through prayer and determination. The Dancehall veteran’s vigorous performance went viral online, showing her representing Nicki’s Barbie brand in a pink outfit and her homeland with a Jamaican flag.

According to Pamputtae, her outfit was packed, ready, and waiting before it was even confirmed that she would be a part of the show. The Ride It artistewho has upcoming music videos, and surprise collaborations, shared that she had a show in Canada, so she packed the Barbie outfit as well and prayed.


In February, Nicki Minaj spoke about helping Pamputtae obtain a US visa so that she could join her tour. Pamputtae’s team reached out to Nicki Minaj’s team in April and waited for the Queen of Rap to contact her. Despite not rehearsing, Pamputtae delivered a captivating performance that earned compliments from Nicki Minaj, according to Pamputtae.

Pamputtae and Winford Williams

Pamputtae, who is currently working on an EP, shared that she spoke to Nicki Minaj after the show in her dressing room for more than two hours, which was apparently uncommon for the Super Bass rapper. During their conversation, Nicki revealed that she felt compelled by a spiritual urge to have Pamputtae open the show, which happened to be the same time Pamputtae was praying about the matter miles away.

“She seh the spirit just say it to har seh ‘no man mek Pamputtae open the show’…that is the same time me, in the house, me and my team a pray… Meanwhile mi a pray a dem time deh the spirit a tell she seh fi mek me work,” Pamputtae told Winford Williams during an Onstage TV interview.

“Mi neva know seh a so much love and ratings and respect Nicki have fi mi,” Pamputtae expressed. “She seh ‘Pam, the internet is not a real place; continue work, continue humble; don’t mek yuh alter ego get the best a yuh,” she said, adding that Nicki Minaj told her that she motivates her. 

Watch the interview with Pamputtae below:

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