Peanut Dread Pleas for Assistance in Overcoming Financial Hardship – Watch Video

Peanut Dread, one of social media’s most popular sensations known for the catchphrase, “Radam,” has fallen on hard times and is pleading with the public for assistance in helping him to overcome his poverty-stricken situation.

In an interview conducted with the Jamaica Observer, the St. Andrew resident whose real name is Osbourne Ellis expressed that he believed that the impact he has through his viral videos would have afforded him a better life. Much to his demise, the fame has not allowed him to rise above his situation, as he is currently in dire need of help, one that he hopes can be rendered by fans.


“Ova the world the amount a people me see gravitate to me, I thought me should getting some betta attention.” He continued, “I’m living a rough life right now, mi really need some attention.”

With the video clip showing parts of Peanut Dread’s living condition, a sponge for bedding is seen on the ground, as well as a two-burner stove with a gas cylinder and items placed across sections of the untiled dwelling. His home, according to the news outlet, is nothing more than an “unfinished zinc-roofed structure”.

Peanut Dread’s bed

Adding to the “Radam” trendsetter’s frustration is his deteriorating health as his left leg requires urgent medical attention, stemming from an incident that occurred five years ago. “My leg bone break and they put wire and some beads to resist infection because it was infected. Is 5 years now and di bone set an then it wasn’t giving any trouble den all of a sudden mi si it burst out,” said Ellis.

“I have a problem man with this foot ya man. Oh God oh God oh God! It need to look afta and dem a gi mi wull heap a different different appointment. Right now a next week dem seh mi must come and it a slow me up cause mi have me work an have mi ting fi do fi get around wid it,” he continued.

But, though his situation seems dismal, the social media sensation remains optimistic about overcoming the trials and credits this to his experience across Jamaica where he sees others suffering a similar fate. He shared that this is one of the reasons that has kept him from “tek poison”.

In an emotional plea with tear-filled eyes, Peanut Dread begged fans to come together and offer support in helping him to live a more comfortable life. “The condition what I into I feel if everybody did know the condition what I into and come together mi would live more comfort. I would ask di whole worl if dem can come togedda an give mi sum attention cause mi would feel so much better,” he said.


Watch the full interview below:



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