Phillip Paulwell Says He’s “Worried Sick” Over Missing Baby Mother and 10-month-old Daughter

It has been confirmed that Toshyna Patterson and her young daughter, the offspring of prominent politician Phillip Paulwell, have gone missing under suspicious circumstances. The incident which occurred on the morning of Saturday, September 9, 2023, has left the nation in a state of perplexity and concern.

Paulwell on Saturday night confirmed the unsettling disappearance and revealed that it appeared to be a case of abduction from their residence in St. Andrew.


Phillip Paulwell, a well-known figure in Jamaican politics, expressed deep concern for the safety of the missing woman and child. He publicly pleaded for their safe return, describing the situation as frightening and dangerous. The child is said to be only ten months old.

Adding to the complexity, Paulwell revealed that he had been targeted by scammers who had gained access to his phone and banking data, demanding a ransom for their release. Despite the extortion threats, Paulwell made it abundantly clear that he would not give in to the demands of these criminals.

The child’s mother allegedly informed friends of her intention to meet a woman in Kingston 10 who claimed to be the mother of a child fathered by Phillip Paulwell. This meeting was set for the morning of their disappearance, with the last sighting of the mother and child occurring around 7:30 a.m. on that fateful Saturday.


Phillip Paulwell, the Member of Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal, stated he wasted no time contacting the police and provided a comprehensive statement regarding the incident.

In response to the unsettling situation, Paulwell reportedly increased his security measures.

“I have given a full statement. I have also increased my security measures, I am worried sick over their safety and hope the police, who have launched a high level investigation, will find the abductors and get them both home safe and sound,” Mr. Pauwell told Nationwide News.

High-level investigations are reportedly on the way.


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