PM Andrew Holness Speaks with Peanut Dread; Offers Helping Hand – Watch Video

Continuing to multiply and showcase his good deeds while in office, Prime Minister Andrew Holness reaches out to Peanut Dread to offer aid.

Peanut dread, born to the name Osborne Ellis, is popularly known for the viral slang “Radam” that had taken over Jamaica in 2022. In a video that was posted to the Prime Minister’s Instagram account, Peanut Dread tells his story and shares his convalescence.

“Mi a guh Papine one morning essi, jus black out…mi drop pan a bridge and di bike drop pan me leg bone and burst it…immediately emergency…di doctor say the bone crack up and by him tek out di splinter dem the bone dem deh far from one a neda,” he said. Peanut dread also mentioned that despite the severity of his injury, he was able to receive some good from the situation, and with the help of the Jamaica Observer, he was able to build a one bedroom for himself.

Peanut dread admitted to losing his home and comfort twice because of fires. After creating his own social media where he could reach a wider audience, he was able to expand but he said that he still has a long way to go.

Currently, he sleeps on cardboard in the unfinished dwelling and said, “I wouldn’t mind get some tile, cement, the plumbing work, the electrical work to gwaan. Mi wouldn’t mind get little support wid dem deh ennuh.”

Peanut Dread took to social media to ask for assistance from the country’s leader and his prayers were answered when Holness reached out to him via phone call. The two men spoke about Peanut Dread’s surgery and his road to recovery before talking about Holness’ use of the “radam” slang to warn criminals of the severe punishment awaiting them if they continue to choose a path of crime.

The Prime Minister told him that he saw his appeal for help on social media and reached out to lend a helping hand, to which the rasta man gave his thanks and appreciation. Holness stated, “you are a very creative person, I want to enlist your support in talking to some of our young men in particular who are being drawn into a life of crime and deviance.”

This turned the conversation to Peanut Dread’s words of wisdom as he encourage others to turn away from crime and take the straight and narrow path. Holness motivated Peanut Dread to continue giving great advice and to take care of his health and stated that he would give assistance with finishing his home.

Showing his utmost appreciation, Peanut Dread said, “PM, I appreciate thee…and I pray for thee.”

Watch the full video below:

The Instagram post made by the Prime Minister stated, “Jamaica knows him as Peanut Dread and the conceptualizer of the popular term, ‘RADAM’, but Osbourne Ellis has had to overcome his fair share of challenges including a recent health scare. I caught up with him recently and we shared a great conversation; here’s how it went.”

Many Jamaicans reacted with heartfelt sentiments and one person voiced, “Love the fact that the honourable Prime Minister acknowledges his need and also creatives. The creative industry is very important to the Jamaica’s economy,” while another pointed out, “If a one thing with PM Holness havif give him respect fi how him in touch with ppl on social media 👍🏾.”

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