PM Holness Enjoys a Night Out With the Mitchells; Jamaicans React

A divide has made its way into the comment section of the Prime Minister’s recent social media post after he stated that he took some time for himself and enjoyed a night of fun with celebrity couple Wayme and Tami Chin Mitchell.

Just before her one-year-old daughter’s Birthday on June 16, Tami Chin also had a birthday on June 14, 2023, and she seemed to have hosted a party to celebrate her 40 years of life.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was in attendance for the festivities and posted pictures to his Instagram account with the caption, “Had a great time with the Mitchells celebrating Tami’s birthday last evening. @meetthemitchellfamily 🇯🇲.”

The PM posted two pictures, one posing with Tami, her husband Wayne, her sister Tessane, and another Individual as they all smiled for the camera, and another where PM Holness was speaking and the Mitchells were being attentive to what he was saying.

See the pictures below:

Swaying in two different directions, one supporting the Prime Minister’s private time and another bashing him for partying when the country is in need of redevelopment, many individuals left their thoughts on the post.

Kelsi_pecks said, “This must be a joke lol,” while aiesha_bugatti007 asked, “What’s all the happiness about? Celebrate after killers in Jamaica 🇯🇲 are found and jailed. Smh.”

On the other hand, deeks_8819 stated, “Have fun PM Ignore the hater!” and jay.john1 wrote, “Some of the comments here makes me wonder if work-life balance doesn’t has expectations. The man can’t enjoy himself? He is promoting what a lot of us don’t do.”

Read more comments below:

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