PM Holness Says $50 Million Reward is Set Aside for Crime Stop in Jamaica – Watch Video

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that there will be a grand reward for citizens who assist in combating crime this Christmas. The reward that has been set aside for offering substantial information to the authorities about criminal activities was declared to be $50 million.

“We have a fund established for JMD 50 million for anyone who wants to give us useful information on those gangs who are planning the hijacking of goods in transit, moving between warehouse and stores, those criminals who are planning contract killing…” he stated, adding information on lottery scammers as well as the masterminds behind contract killing were all welcomed.


Urging people to trade in their information to save lives and get a slice of the Christmas prize, Holness appealed to individuals who were keeping quiet about their loved ones partaking in illicit activities.

“People know enuh because the girlfriend know, the mother sometime know…tell us. Because I don’t know how you sleep at night with your conscience knowing that your son, and your boyfriend, or your friend invovled in these things. Tell us so we can save lives,” he continued.

He went on to advise people that they could “have a merry Christmas” by giving up information to the authorities and collecting a “nice slice of that $50 million.”

The video of his speech was shared on his Instagram page, where he noted the relevant numbers to call to assist in the fight against crime. He also wrote, “To help the government keep you, your communities and your assets safe, tell us what you know about criminals and planned criminal activities especially this Christmas season.”

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