PM Says Murders Down by 17%; Jamaicans React – Watch Videos

Since the beginning of his governance, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been on a continuous campaign to rid Jamaica of excessive gun crimes and other criminal activity.

Multiple measures have been put into play over the course of his leadership in order to achieve his goal, and according to the Prime Minister, the government is “determined to deliver a peaceful Jamaica for you.”

The latest statistic delivered by the Office of the Prime Minister (PM) states that the murder rate in the country has fallen by seventeen percent. A post by Holness on his Instagram page also mentioned that “A 17% fall in murders reflects the commitment of both your government and our law enforcement to create safer communities for you.”

Additionally, another Instagram post sees the PM asking Jamaicans to “just think of where we are headed” as a country.

He said, “The country is going through a series of simultaneous transformations in institutions,” and that, “The public may not see the big picture…because the results have not yet started to come.”

However, he ensures the people that changes are coming despite them not being instantaneous.

Considering how long the nation has endured hardship, Holness said, “When you put that beside 50 years of suffering, people do get frustrated.” In light of that, he mentioned that he is committed to the cause and “I’ve committed my administration to run the economy in such a way that we will never become a burden on you…”

Watch the full video below:

The comment section for the post about the 17% drop in the murder rate was filled with replies from fellow Jamaicans but with divided views.

Someone said, “Sir, with all due respect, your government can do a lot more…begin by getting rid of corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers. That, in and of itself will drastically reduce crime in our country. Otherwise, we can’t take you seriously.”

On the other hand, another individual delivered nothing but praise, writing, “I love this PM🙏🏾…… my god continue to bless you and your team as y’all put out the work.”

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