Police Investigation Of 9yr Child’s Murder Face Challenges – Watch Video

The team investigating the murder of the 9-year-old autistic child, Gabriel King, who was found in St. James with his throat slashed is being presented with multiple hindrances. SSP Vernon Ellis, commanding officer of the St James Police Division states, “on the 6th of September 2022, production order was granted by the parish judge stating that within 48 hours of the service of the order, the key and communication cell site and other data surrounding the phone be handed over for the purpose of the criminal investigation into the murder of Gabriel King.”

A request was made to the court at an earlier date to get permission to access the phone records of the mother’s cell phone as a part of the evidence in the ongoing investigation, but they were denied access to the device. The phone has been in police custody since a little after the murder in January, however, the mother of the slain 9-year-old has now countered by requesting to have it overturned. Further attempts to investigate are derailed by those close to the case being uncooperative.


According to police reports made by the mother, at around 11:30 AM on January 13, 2022, she was driving along Tucker main road in her Audi motor vehicle and the presence of potholes in the road made her slow down. Reportedly, it was at this time that she was accosted and carjacked. Reports state that King’s mother was hit in the face and pulled from the car through the door that was forced open before the man got in and drove away with King still in the backseat. After she reported the incident to the police, three units were dispatched, and the boy was found dead with his throat slashed. He was still inside the car which was found on Oak Hill Avenue in Fairfield Estate.

When the general public learned of the mysterious circumstances related to the murder, it left many dumbfounded and with a lot of questions, and the public outcry increased when the case had come to a standstill.

During an interview with the Observer Online, SSP Ellis pleaded with the masses for anyone with a conscience and information that can aid the investigation to come forward, call the National Intelligence Bureau tip-line at 811, or call 311, Crime Stop.

Ellis also disclosed that multiple forensic, technological, and cyber strategies have been implemented throughout the investigation and that “we have collected statements, we’ve even brought an expert in a motor vehicle of the exact make and model to the one young Gabriel was killed in on that day. Based on what was reported to us, the crime scene was re-enacted [and] several case conferences were conducted by the detectives.”

Watch the interview below:

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