Policeman Boxes Woman During Heated Argument Inside Police Station – Watch Video

October 19, 2022 12:23 PM

A shocking video of a woman and a police officer in a heated argument has been making the rounds and stirring uproar as viewers lash out at the policeman for striking the woman during the dispute. The female and the officer, among several other individuals and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, were all at a local police station. 

While it is currently unclear how the dispute began, the policeman seemingly wanted the woman to exit the station. He repeatedly told the woman to listen to him, but the female objected, leading him to say, “Yah seh yuh nah come out?” The policeman made a comment about not tolerating disrespect, and the woman indicated that the police could not demand her to do anything. In the middle of her protest, the policeman seemingly slapped her in the face, and several people, including another officer, rushed to separate them as the woman tried to fight back.


The other civilians in the video uttered expletives and objections as the policeman demanded the woman leave the station. The clip ended after the woman was escorted out, and the other civilians followed. Viewers have since expressed their anger towards members of JCF who abused their authority. 

One user commented, “Jamaica is in a state of crisis,” and another person pointed out the effects of police mistreating civilians by asking, “How uh tink fi r son ago pree. Anyweh im si dah boii deh cah sorry fi unuh.” Someone also declared in the comments that police “can abuse civilians because they know they will get away with it!” Meanwhile, multiple users protested that the officer should be dismissed with immediate effect.

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