Popcaan Calls Miss Rhona His “Heartbeat” and Unruly Squid Wishes Her Happy Birthday – Watch Video

Popcaan is no stranger to showing affection to his mother, and today is a special day for love, praise, and words of affection. Today, Popcaan’s mother, Miss Rhona, is showered in birthday wishes, and her sons and grandchildren express their appreciation for her.

Her son Unruly Squid took to social media with a video showing Miss Rhona at the Moon Palace with members of her family, including the Unruly Boss himself.

The video kicks off with Popcaan and his Christian mother talking together before the 876Gud artiste gestured to his nephew next to him to say a few words about his grandmother. The youngster replied by describing Miss Rhona as a “great grandmother” and added that he gave her gifts from America that she should be grateful for, which ignited laughter from Miss Rhona.

Her granddaughter was next in line, and while describing Miss Rhona as being “very lovely,” she also sparked laughter among the group after disclosing that Miss Rhona does not like people taking her food. Miss Rhona’s other son, Nathan, shared with the camera that his mother is a woman who loves to pray and does so before going anywhere, no matter the time.

As the video continued, the Dancehall star affectionately called his mother his “heartbeat” while expressing his love. “We’re family, and I love you, mama, and I wish you long life forever,” he said.

Miss Rhona also expressed her love for her son and prayed for health, long life, and wealth over her son’s life. The 3-minute-long video clip ended after fans of the pair stopped to speak with them and had a joyous time chatting and laughing.

Watch the video of Popcaan and his family below:

Unruly Squid shared the video to Instagram with loving words that read, “Happy birthday to my mom the funniest lady i know!!! The lady weh a go tell u bout Jesus right tru like night drew!!!!❤️love u mom❤️.”

Miss Rhona stole the hearts of Popcaan’s fans with her spirited personality as well as her no-nonsense behaviour towards her son’s troublesome ways. The two are always sparking amusement on social media, with Miss Rhona being teased by Popcaan.

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