Popcaan Tackles Skateboarding – Watch Videos

As spontaneous as ever in his activities, international Dancehall artiste Popcaan has decided to try his feet at skateboarding. Not only a recreational activity but also now a recognized Olympic sport, skateboarding involves balance and the use of the legs to stay atop a long, narrow board and perform tricks.

Popcaan, seemingly a beginner to the activity, is seen in multiple videos shared online learning how to use a skateboard.


On his Instagram, his escapades were uploaded with the caption, “LIFE 🤣 #Bestmood.”

In one of the videos, the Great Is He artiste is spotted stepping onto a skateboard and as it starts to move, he grabs onto the arm of someone nearby to prevent himself from falling. Another video shows the entertainer, not giving up, actually balancing on the board this time as it goes a short distance downhill, before jumping off.

Popcaan and his companions are at a skateboarding park (an area designed for the sport) and he is wearing a black shirt, black tight jeans, and combat boots. Although the outift is not ideal for skating, the deejay nonetheless takes on the challenge.

In Other videos we see the artiste progressively getting the hang of using the board and witness the moment he skates a good distance, adopting a slight crouch, before he makes his descent from the board when his momentum stops.

The group spent a long while at the location as the later videos showed that night had fallen, and one particular video showed Popcaan sitting on a wall while the person videoing hyped up the more practised skaters.

Watch the videos of Popcaan’s progress below:

A lot of commenters made note of how Popcaan’s shoes were unsuitable for skateboarding and one particular individual pointed out, “Don’t know is responsible for the artist, but can you have this high valued man skate boarding without Head and hand protection…” to which someone else replied, “Poppy is just a spontaneous man I’m sure it wasn’t really planned…”

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