“Popping a Wheelie” and Noisy Yeng Yeng Drivers to Attract Fines Under New Road Traffic Act – See Posts

Monday, January 30, 2023, 3:10 PM

With only one day left before the government’s new Road Traffic Act 2018 (RTA 2018) takes effect, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has warned that noisy Yeng Yeng bikes and popping wheelies will attract a fine.

Ahead of the RTA 2018’s enactment on Wednesday, February 1, the JCF has been informing members of the public of the act’s new regulations via their social media on Monday. Asking if motorcycle drivers had ever felt the urge to pop a wheelie on a public road, the JCF cautioned that the risky stunt would attract a fine of $10,000.


Additionally, motorcyclists and motorists were warned that modified muffler systems on their vehicles that caused unnecessary noise pollution would also attract a $10,000 fine under the new act. The JCF encouraged drivers to fix modifications made to their vehicles in order to make them louder, such as the removal of the silencer.

The force specifically called out Yeng Yeng bike drivers, who have become notorious on the streets of Jamaica over the past few years for their blasting, ear-splitting engines. Other offences that will also see drivers being fined include having a child in a motor vehicle without a car restraint system, which will attract a $5,000 fine, and driving without a licence, which will attract a $40,000 fine.

Speaking on RTA 2018 in December 2022, the Transport and Mining Minister, Audley Shaw, said the new act was designed to help curb indiscipline in the traffic environment and would see motorists face harsh sanctions if they did not comply with the new regulations.

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“This is not in an effort to punish or chastise [persons], but to drive home the message that the traffic environment is not a playground [and] must be handled with responsibility and utmost care,” Minister Shaw stated.

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