Popular Jamaican DJ In Tears After DNA Results Revealed He’s Not Biological Dad Of Two Kids

[Sharingbuttons]Popular Jamaican radio disc jockey is left distraught after receiving a letter from a DNA Agency on Wednesday (Nov 29) informing him that the two kids he had fathered with two Jamaican women were not his biological children.

Reports are that the disc jockey who migrated to the US years ago filed for both kids aged nine and seven but the letter from the DNA Agency states that he is not the biological father of the two kids.


“I am devastated, mi mash up, not even one of them is mine. I can’t believe Jamaican women are so wicked,” he told Loop

According to the disc jockey, he had spent close to US$300,000 on both his children since their birth.

He also states that one of the kids has a learning disability.

“The girl is not a great reader, she has a disability, that’s why I was pushing to bring her up, for her to benefit from a first world education. My son really loves me, he looks like one of his brothers, so I wasn’t focused on that but this has hit me hard. I look at my phone everyday and want to call them but I can’t, how do I tell them that I am not their father?” he asked.

“I didn’t feel well, my pressure gone through the roof. He said he was thinking about admitting me to the emergency but he gave me medication instead. I am so stressed out,” he said.

He revealed that he informed both women of the results.

“One of them broke down and apologised, that is the mother of my daughter, but the other one, the one who claimed that she was a virgin, is angry and in denial, she is blaming me and saying I must have done something. These women are wicked and destroying lives, maybe the other men had wanted their babies and now my name is on the kids’ birth certificate and the DNA test proves that I am not their father. Boy right now, tears are in my eyes,” he told Loop.

Every year, thousands of Jamaicans apply for non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

“The US Embassy needs to stop the DNA testing, it destroys lives and splits up families. I wouldn’t care even if is not mine, what you don’t know will not hurt you, this result was the furthest thing from my mind, I am so stressed, my kids’ dem future blighted, what is going to happen to them now? I don’t know if i can continue to support them, I want to call them but I can’t, this is just so confusing,” said the DJ

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