Pregnant Mother with 9 Children Encouraged to Get Tubes Tied in Court

Donna Blake, currently six months pregnant and a mother of nine children, was counselled by two senior legal professionals to have her tubes tied in light of the financial difficulties that she is currently facing.

The 45-year-old sweets vendor was presented to the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court after spending eight days in custody. This is following an arrest for possession of ganja and reportedly attempting to smuggle forbidden substances into a jailhouse.

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque and Blake’s attorney, Charles Williams questioned the defendant on her financial capabilities, whilst taking into consideration her profession and her number of kids.

Due to this, her lawyer put forward the option of her doing a tubal ligation, stating, “Come to me, I will carry you to a doctor to get it done for free,” while Cole-Montaque added, “When you realize that you are fruitful in that way, you have to be very, very careful.”

Although the offer had some people in the courtroom laughing, the judge reiterated that there was nothing wrong with getting it done.

On the charges leveled against her, Blake pleaded guilty and begged to be pardoned, “Is the first I am going to jail, and I am asking you to forgive me, please and thanks.” Reportedly, she was caught with the contraband (two ounces of ganja) in tow at the Kingston Central police lock-up on Sunday, October 9 when she tried to visit her 19-year-old son who was being detained.

Blake was “admonished and discharged” for attempting to smuggle the ganja into the correctional facility, but the judge remarked that being caught with the contraband in her possession would earn her the days that she spent in custody being taken into consideration.

Subsequent to the final decision of the court, Blake signed an agreement, witnessed by a police officer, to have her tubes tied.

As a final sentiment, Cole-Montaque mentioned, “I think you’ve had enough. Miss, let me tell you, real talk, I have one and it rough on me and me a judge, right? If it rough on me, I don’t know how you manage with nine and one more on the way. Me nuh want you feel nuh way, I’m not shaming you.” Continuing, the judge cautioned Blake to be more careful because as a mother of ten, she cannot afford to mess up anymore.

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