Prettii Prettii And IWaata Back Together

There have been rumours and speculations about dancehall artistes Prettii Prettii and IWaata rekindling their relationship, and it has finally happened.

The internet detectives have been keeping an eye out for signs that proved the couple were a thing again, and some people speculated on February 14, the day for lovers, that IWaata was chilling with his Mimi. This rumour started when both artists posted pics and videos to their Instagram Story that appeared to be at the same location.

More hints of the couple being together sparked some time after when one of Prettii Prettii’s besties, Rebel, posted to her Instagram Story saying she didn’t get involved with her friend’s relationship because she knew they are going back together. In the post, she tagged TC, Pretty Pretty and more friends.

And now, with an official confirmation, Prettii Prettii revealed she is back together with IWaata on her Instagram Live Sunday while she was playing a song that they made together. The song speaks about the breakup they had when it was revealed that he got another woman pregnant.

Singing and dancing to the track Prettii Prettii song her lines, “mek we reason just a likkle bit, get a girl pregnant and dat was it.”

As the song continued she went on to say she had to leave him after what happened. IWaata came on to the track singing that he knew he messed up and he felt bad.

Pretty Pretty also sang solo at the end of the video, “tru mi rate yuh yuh nuh end up ova Dovecot.”

While there is no news on when this track will be released, it is being anticipated by the dolly fans and IWaata fans.

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