Prisoners go Viral after Dancing to a Mavado Song in Lockup and Showing Off a TV – Watch Videos

Videos of Jamaican inmates have gone viral on social media, with the video of one elderly prisoner dancing to a Mavado song while in lock up and another showing a cell outfitted with a TV garnering attention.

The videos were taken at the General Penitentiary prison located in Kingston, but it is unclear if the videos were shot by one of the inmates. One man can be seen on footage showing off his dance moves among his fellow prisoners, who cheer him on.


Seemingly carrying a piece of watermelon in one hand, the elderly inmate appears to imitate carrying a rifle as he makes his way down a cell block lined with buckets for the prisoners’ use. As Mavado’s single Top Shotta Is Back plays, his lyrics “Everything a rise. Everything a dead from the other side. Inna blood dem a run, me see man a slide. Cyaan ‘tep inna me shoes, pussy check your size” can be heard in the background.


Another video taken from the same block appeared to reveal the source of the music, with the footage showing a TV affixed to a wall and a speaker located a short distance away in the small cell. The video also appeared to show several of the inmates enjoying a game of football on a field located on the property.

Watch the video below.


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