Prosecutors Say R. Kelly Should Be Sentenced For A Minimum Of 25 Years

Thursday, June 9, 2022, 10:23 AM GMT-5

The federal prosecutors deem R. Kelly to be too dangerous for a sentence fewer than 25 years given his history of alluring children. The Federal Prosecutors of the Eastern District of NY recommended the 25 years or more sentencing based on being concerned given that Kelly was still partaking in many criminal and abusive activities even after he was arrested in 2008 when he went to trial.

According to the Feds, Kelly’s actions clearly show that the American singer felt unbothered and guilt-free with the absurd belief that his stature exonerated him from the law.


One of his abusive conduct that was detailed in the trial was his relationship with Aaliyah, who he sexually abused when she was 12 or 13 and then later wedded her as he tried to hide his crime.

The case also detailed his history of child pornography as well as the “physical and psychological” abuse of women, which was well documented in the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary. These include demanding the females to only refer to him as “Daddy”, violently spanking and keeping them isolated for long periods when they didn’t follow his commands, according to reports.

Among these odious acts, he also reportedly had sex with women knowing he had genital herpes in 2004, which he never told them.

Should Kelly be sentenced to 25 years, he will be locked up until he’s 80. The 55-year-old singer will be told his sentence on June 29.

R. Kelly also has more cases he will face in court, which are the federal case out of Illinois and a state trial in Minnesota.

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