Protestors Threaten to Demolish JLP Founder Alexander Bustamante’s Statue in Kingston, “He Cannot Be No National Hero”

If one was to check the history books of Jamaica, one would find the name Alexander Bustamante listed as a national hero. However, attorney at law and historian Miguel Lorne has a different outlook on the man celebrated as a Jamaican national hero.

In a video reposted by controversial social media influencer Foota Hype with the caption, “How nuh rasta nuh repost this si? Mi a gi it 1-day fi si who ago repost after that a world War 3 wid mi and unu,” Miguel Lorne gave his raw and honest thoughts about Bustamante in front of a defiant group of protesters in the now-viral video.

“This boy yah Bustamante, the next time we come back here, we prepare to come peaceful today, we come peaceful today, but it is not all the while we ago come without our sledge hammer, because this batty boy Bustamante ordered the Coral Gardens incident, him murder off many Rastafari, he cannot be no national hero he is a murderer of African People.” Miguel Lorne declared.

Miguel Lorne gave the fiery speech while standing in front of a statue of Bustamante. The Coral Garden incident, or the Coral Gardens massacre Miguel Lorne made mentioned of, occurred in Jamaica in April 1963. After Bustamante ordered the security forces to detain all Rastas, dead or alive, in the Coral Garden\St James area, which eventually spread all over the island as countless Rastas were jailed unjustly, dehumanised, brutalized and trimmed by the security forces and members of the public.

Prompting the Leader of the JLP\ PM Andrew Holness, into an apology a few years ago for the incident carried out by his party.

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As the attorney at law continued his defiant speech against Bustamante holding a national hero position in Jamaican history, Miguel stated in closing, ”no apology, yes I, we stand as dreadlocks Rasta, and we want to declare that all who follow this bredda yah you are a traitor to the black race, all who follow this rass yah you are a traitor to the black race because Bustamante ordered the murder of African people, ordered the murder of Rasta, Bustamante, just like how Seaga mash dung back a wall.”

The protest was done at the St. William Grant Park in Downtown, Kingston.

See the video below:

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