Putin Warns Countries Again Not To Interfere In Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Thursday, April 28, 2022, 7:07 AM GMT-5

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has issued a warning to countries planning to intervene in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In this warning, he mentioned that countries interfering will be met with a “lightning-fast response” and also cautioned that they have the “right tools for this”.

This announcement by Putin comes a day after the United States (US) and other Western allies pledged to commit more weapons to support Ukraine’s fight. This, however, has since backfired as two of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations have been significantly impacted.

Poland and Bulgaria’s supply of natural gas were cut off from Russia as they are being “punished” for interfering with the invasion.

Both countries have openly supported Ukraine, whereby Poland has been crucial in providing a gateway for the delivery of weapons to the country and has also confirmed that it will be sending tanks to aid in the fight. Additionally, Poland instituted sanctions on Russian businesses and oligarchs. Bulgaria on the other hand has discontinued many of its associations with Russia and openly supports sanctions to be placed on the country.

Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Former Commander of the US Army Europe declared that Putin may be serious about the threats, however, the possibility of him following through is less likely. He stated that his reasoning for this is because Putin has made similar threats in the past, but there would not be any battlefield advantage for him now.

Watch the news report by CNN News below:

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