Quada x Geno Releases Official Music Video For Single ‘Rich Look’

Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 5:58 PM

Dancehall artistes Quada and Geno recently released the official music video for their single titled ‘Rich Look’.

The song has an upbeat tempo, with both artistes spitting lyrics and maintaining a subtle flow throughout. With its hard-hitting rhythm and celebratory mood in the music video, the party vibe that this newly released single encompasses is predicted to become “playlist-added” and a “banger” in the streets.


At the start of the track, upcoming artiste Geno sings about having a lavish lifestyle with assets such as expensive cars, houses, and an abundance of money. He also speaks about appreciating the voluptuous and sexy bodies of the ladies.

‘Drive out the Benz and the Bimma’, ‘We car dem a spacecraft, house large, wi a mek nuff money’ and ‘D gal dem a barbie doll, dem pretty oh gosh, mi haffi talk bout it’ were just some of the lyrics from Geno.

Quada’s hard-core voice complimented Geno’s as he dominated his verses with more of a “whining” vibes for the ladies, while also reiterating the lavish lifestyle of the song.

‘F*ck up the place and done’, Gal a mek it shake and a brace pan gun’ and ‘Big food from ina d States drop dung’ were just some of the lyrics that flowed effortlessly from Quada’s mouth.

The “Rich Look” single was produced by Temple Boss Record and Quada’s record label called ‘Well bad Entertainment’. The music video was shot by Xavie Productions.

Watch the official music video below:

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