Queen Ifrica Advocates for Leniency at Annual Kiddies Treat Amidst Police Closure; Fans Laud Her Courage – Watch Video

In a video making the rounds on social media platforms, reggae artiste Queen Ifrica has emerged as a vocal advocate for leniency and understanding as she engages in a dialogue with the police regarding the annual kiddies treat organised by dancehall artiste Pamputtae along with the Single Mother Foundation.

The event, a beloved occurrence in the Fletchers Land community, faced an unexpected interruption when law enforcement officials reportedly closed it off due to technicalities or perceived breaches.

See a photo advertising the treat below:

Queen Ifrica Pamputtae Treat
Tuesday, August 29 Pamputtae Single Mother Foundation treat put a smile on the children’s face


The video captures a moment of heartfelt discussion between Queen Ifrica and the police, where she explained that they could’ve been more lenient since it was a back-to-school treat for the children.

In addition, she explained that she got called to provide encouragement and guidance to the children before they returned to school in September. Her heartfelt plea seemed to centre around the idea that the event’s importance to the community should outweigh certain technicalities or perceived infractions.

One of the most poignant moments of the exchange took place when Queen Ifrica highlighted Pamputtae’s potential as a promising artiste and took the opportunity to educate the police officers on how they could have approached the situation more respectfully.

See a photo of dancehall artiste/organiser Pamputtae below:

She suggested that despite personal musical preferences, the officer could have conveyed his concerns in a considerate manner, particularly given the event’s positive impact on the community.

See the video below:

Police reach again a pamputae ting


The video, shared on Instagram by @jamaicamateyangroupiepinkwall, ignited a range of reactions from viewers. Many were quick to condemn the actions of the police officers, arguing that the community centre is located just across from the police station, implying that the officers should have been familiar with the event and its organiser.

See some of the comments below:

Supporters of Queen Ifrica praised her for using her influence to advocate for the continuation of the treat, lauding her as a leading voice in the country – a sentiment echoed by some who affectionately referred to her as the “Head girl.”

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However, amidst the wave of support for Queen Ifrica, some individuals urged caution, saying people were too quick to condemn the police without understanding the circumstances surrounding the event’s closure. These voices suggested that the officers might have been following protocols or directives from their superiors, making it essential to consider the larger context before casting judgment.

See some of the comments below:

Queen Ifrica comments


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