Queen Ifrica Calls out Muta, Buju, and Currie etc – Watch Video

Reggae artiste Queen Ifrica has name-dropped multiple public figures who are said to be hiding crucial information from the nation and urged them to come forward with the truth. The Rastafarian songstress took to social media with a cryptic message for radio personality Mutabaruka, attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, fellow reggae singer Buju Banton, Marroon Chief Richard Currie, and several others.

According to the Lioness On The Rise singer, the truth that these men are hiding can bring forth peace across the island. “Tell Jamaican people the truth and stop the war, stop the blood,” she said in a TikTok video posted to her account yesterday.

Continuing, she expressed the country’s dire need to reclaim the peace it once had while stressing that each person she identified needed to speak the truth.

“Once and for all , we need fi stop this, we need fi end it inna Jamaica; all a those who dead and those who about to, fi di sake a di original Jamaica, fi di sake of one black Africa,” she added.

Ifrica continued to urge the men to make the change in Jamaica and pleaded with them to turn away from the path they were on, which would seemingly result in more tragedies and war.

The singer spoke about the peace that was once present on the island before violence swept across the lands. Her final words were, “Don’t do dis to Jamaica people.”

In the comments, viewers were questioning what Ifrica meant in the message and speculating about what the secret could possibly be. One user wrote and told her to speak the truth she knows, saying, “if you know those pesron know the truth most likely you know the truth as well so let it start with you doing the right thing, speak the truth.”

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Another user stated, “Sometimes our good intentions can cause more controversy n bloodshed! Talking in code n calling names is not the best way to go,” which Ifrica responded to by voicing, “This coding is for the best outcome.”

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