Queen Ifrica Takes Aim at Spice, Says She’s No Real ‘Queen of Dancehall’ and Questions Her “Blue” Hair – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica dragged Dancehall artiste Spice during a new live. A video of her latest chat features her speaking about Jamaican entertainers failing to unite against immorality and homosexuality in the country. The Reggae artiste stated that Spice is not the Queen of Dancehall and described her as “nasty.”

“Nasty Spice dem, weh only wah pretend seh dem a good mother wid fi dem pickney dem, while fi we pickney dem practice fi bloodcl**t go shake batty inna bombocl**t Taboo,” Ifrica said. She also claimed that she saw Spice not long ago and called out to her, but Spice reacted by looking at her with a bitter expression.

“She couldn’t even come outta har darkness fi come hail mi, and mi still a try reach out to har as a black woman, as a black sista weh see she a dat she use to fi get which part she deh,” Ifrica continued. “Yah nuh nuh real Queen fi Dancehall Spice. Move and gweh wid yuh eden mind.”

She continues, stating that Spice and others are promoting homosexuality and immorality in society. She mentioned that she and Spice never had any issues, yet Spice regarded her with disdain the night she saw her.

Queen Ifrica also mentioned that she was one of Spice’s day-one supporters, offering her words of encouragement when she saw her in the earlier parts of her musical career. “Mi A bun yuh right out now because mi nah beat round nuh bush nuh more. A yuh a lead di wol a di girl dem weh a come back yuh,” Queen Ifrica continued.

The 48-year-old added, “Mi need Spice fi come answer to di video dem weh we did watch inna Covid wid di whol a di likkle girl dem weh seh when time deh wah catch a vibe, Spice put dem fi play wid dem one another allegedly fi she get vibes fi write.”

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:

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