Queen Ifrica Wants Vybz Kartel to Help “Mash-up” PM Holness’ Plan if He’s Released, Drags Olivia Grange plus Derrick Morgan Apology Request – Watch Video

Queen Ifrica has shared that she received a cease-and-desist order regarding the sexual assault allegations she made about her father, Derrick Morgan.

During a live stream, the Reggae artiste noted the legal actions being taken against her, which requires her to apologise within ten days for her earlier statements. The live stream also features her addressing topics, including Vybz Kartel’s possible release and the controversy surrounding Jaii Frais.

“Mek we see wah ago happen pan di 14th when dem ago use Vybz Kartel, cause it’s Maroon powers dem using pan Vybz Kartel,” she said, adding that the Dancehall artiste should join forces with the Maroons.

“Nyan-Ko-Pong Maroon Jamaican people need defence…dem nuh need nuh body else a trap dem brain nuh more because dem love, dem need something fi come crape dem up offa di ground, tek out we daughter dem outa taboo,” Queen Ifrica stated.

“we bredda dem need some big brothers now fi tell dem seh nuh man nuffi all up and dung inna dem anus against dem will, and a bend dem and have influencers a tell dem seh dem getting dem ass licked is ok,” she continued.

Along with Vybz Kartel, Queen Ifrica asked multiple entertainers and public figures, including Spice, Lila Ike, attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, Buju Banton, Mutabaruka, Tony Rebel, Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, and the Marleys, to join the forces against immorality.

She also urged everyone to seek God while implying that Prime Minister Andrew Holness signed a deal with the devil.

Another politician who received criticism from Ifrica is Minister of Culture and Entertainment Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange. Ifrica described her as a “lamb-like beast” while expressing that Grange “sold out” Jamaican culture to the enemy.

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