Queenie and A’mari Booked for Sting Clash

After proclaiming that they wanted to be able to clash with each other at the biggest one-night dancehall and reggae show in Jamaica, Sting, Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser, Sting promoter, has confirmed that both Queen Ladi Gangsta (Queenie) and A’mari DJ Mona Lisa (A’mari) have been booked for Sting and a clash is imminent.

Heavy D stated that the clash is set to take place at Plantation Cove, St. Ann, on Monday, December 26.

Speaking with The Weekend Star, Heavy D mentioned that “this is Sting and the people are calling for a clash,” so the crew got in contact with both Amari and Queenie on Thursday, December 15. It was agreed upon that both women would be flown to Jamaica to participate in the show this year. “Sting is back! The anticipation for this year’s Sting is high,” he said. He also confessed that he has been getting calls from multiple ticket outlets requesting more tickets after being sold out.

Heavy D stated that the masses had an overwhelming request for Queenie and A’mari to clash on stage and that the ladies are bound to get the crowd and fans hyped up.

Previously, A’mari had accused Queenie of duplicating her relationship with Gully Bop by creating a loud and social media-fueled love life with her husband, Dowey. A’mari, thinking of Sting as a great outlet for them to release the built-up tension in a controlled and lyrical manner, was happy to get the call.

“I was quite excited, but when they called me on the conference call, I didn’t scream with excitement like when Nico reached a million views … this time I managed to stay calm.”

The Dutty Life entertainer, who is looking forward to her Sting performance, also briefly mentioned an affectionate moment between herself and her producer Sikka, who texted to let her know that he was proud of her.

Voicing that this appearance at Sting will surely boost her and Queenie’s careers, Amari said that they will remain respectful during the upcoming clash. “No bad words…no cussing match,” it will all be dealt with professionally, but she has no intention of losing as she is the “better artiste”.

Queen Inna Deck artiste, Queenie, was similarly ecstatic and exclaimed that “two menopausal woman” who have already passed 50 years old, will be taking the stage to show the “young gal dem” that they can still “shell di place”.

Celebrating that she was able to reach such heights, she said that there was a first time for everything, and no matter if she wins, draws, or loses the clash against A’mari, she is just happy for the chance to “explore my talent.” The social media influencer declared that she is new to clashing, so instead of experience, she is solely working with her talent but that she is confident that she can freestyle and perform her songs thanks to her versatility.

Additionally, she said, “A war season and it’s a lyrical thing and a girl and woman power every time. We have to compete with each other to explore our talent so we a go let the people dem decide. The two a we a two queen still.”

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