Queenie Cusses Out Lisa Hyper For Threatening To “Box” Dowey – Watch Video

A friendly interaction between Queenie Ladi Gangsta and dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper turned sour after Lisa threatened to ‘box’ Queenie’s husband.

The two ladies were chatting on an Instagram Live stream when they started arguing over a threat that was made the previous day by Lisa who claimed that she would “box” a particular man if he disrespected Queenie again. “Nuh mek nuh bwoy ramp wid yuh. Bwoy affi respect yuh,” Lisa Hype told her, adding that if the person disrespected her again, she would “box him up” because she is “bad.”


However, when Lisa made her remarks, it was widely assumed that the man in question was Queenie’s producer, Sikka Rymes, with whom she presumably has some musical problems. Because of this, the influencer, who has been breaking into music, had laughed and expressed her gratitude towards Lisa at the time, unaware that the Come Ova singer had directed the threats toward her husband.

The following day, when Lisa sought to clear the air and clarified that she was going to give Dowey a “gladiator” slap if he disrespected his wife again, the Live stream became very intense. This resulted in Queenie turning down a gospel collaboration that was proposed by the artiste.

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“Everybody weh feel like a Sikka Rymes me did a talk yesterday, a neva Sikka Rymes mi did a talk, I was talking about her husband,” Lisa explained, which warranted a look of complete shock from Queenie. Lisa went on to say that she was not aware of the issues between the Double Tap singer and her producer. Queenie, who became infuriated over the threat, did not disclose her dilemma with Sikka Rymes.

Instead, Queenie confronted Lisa for being “stink and rude” and said she could not lay a finger on Dowey regardless of how “bad” she claimed to be. When Lisa told her that she said it because Dowey was being disrespectful, Queenie replied, “Yuh cyah tek up dat pan yuh head and come diss mi husband publicly…a my husband dat. So not because yah reach out to me yah go seh yah go box him when yuh see him.”

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Regardless, Lisa maintained that she would fight Dowey if he hurt his wife again, and soon after, the two women were embroiled in a heated argument over the matter. Queenie, who stood in her husband’s defence strongly declared that she would not allow anyone to disrespect him, while Lisa told her that he should show her love and respect.

“Yuh cyah tell me whether him love me or show me respect, anuh your place dat…Di whol a unnuh have man weh dis unnuh dutty bloodcl**t and unnuh cyah talk, unnuh lowe mi and mi piece a husband,” Queenie declared. She then informed Lisa that she no longer wanted to collaborate on her song before disconnecting her from the live stream.

Further to that, the June Plum artiste also revealed that there were rumours about dancehall singer Dexta Daps impregnating Lisa Hyper and disrespecting her, but that issue was not highlighted and no one sought to disrespect him.

Watch the video of Queenie and Lisa below:

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