Queenie Dedicates Newly Purchased House in Jamaica to Daughter ‘Ro Ro’

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 7:45 PM

Following the passing of her daughter Sunitha Lamey, dancehall entertainer and social media personality Queenie has dedicated her new family home in Jamaica to her daughter, who was fondly known as Ro Ro.

Lamey passed away in 2021 during her battle with cancer. The 33-year-old was Queenie’s eldest child and was often featured in her mother’s content online.


Queenie took her daughter’s death extremely hard and expressed that she felt lost following her passing. But the Double Tap artiste’s hopes and dreams have been renewed as she has now found a way to honour her firstborn.

Speaking with the Jamaica Star, Queenie shared how purchasing and dedicating her new family home to Lamey has uplifted her spirits.

“Oh gosh man! You see this new home? It just bring back all weh did gone two years ago. It just open a different door. Cause, Ro Ro was the one weh will be down and inna you skin to get a home. So now that we finally get it, I am dedicating everything to her,” Queenie stated.

Queenie and her daughter Sunitha Lamey

The entertainer further shared that she has been working tirelessly to make the house suitable for her children and her grandchildren. Queenie added that her daughter’s memory would further be honoured in the home’s decor, with plans for the grills to feature Lamey’s nickname, Ro Ro.

This Queenie explained would firmly establish that the house is meant for family. Reflecting on her daughter’s death, Queenie expressed that she felt drained after her passing and was left with little motivation to go on without her.

She added that she never imagined she would be able to begin a new chapter in her life and credited God for her newfound happiness. In regards to the entertainer’s music career, Queenie shared that she is currently working on a girl empowerment song inspired by the words of advice given to her by rapper Nicki Minaj.

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