Queenie Finally Leaves the Hospital “The Queen is Back!” – Watch Video

Queenie was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and appears to be in good health. The social media personality shared a short video with her fans, notifying them that “the Queen is back.”

At the start of the video, Queen Ladi Gangsta is apparently speaking to a nurse outside the institution with a gold heart-shaped balloon in her hand.

Afterwards, Queenie, wearing a pink dress with her hair secured under a scarf, approaches a vehicle and enters the back passenger seat.

“The Queen is back, glory to God…Thank you, Lord, it’s been a journey… Outside, outta road, freedom the hospital,” Queenie said.

The video was shared on Instagram, and in the caption, she expressed gratitude to her fans and even her haters. “I appreciate everyone that’s been there for me both psychical and mentally,” she wrote.

Watch the video of Queenie below:

The caption also noted that she was hospitalised for 12 days. Queenie underwent surgery after suffering a ruptured appendix.

Within two hours of being posted, the video garnered over 4,923 likes and positive messages from supporters. One supporter stated, “Queeny face look so clean and fresh, she did really need di rest🙏.”

Another viewer said, “Lawd me did miss u queenie happy your feeling better ❤.”

Read some of the comments below:

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