Queenie Gets Dowey’s Name Tattooed on Her Hand – Watch Video

Following their reunion, social media personality and entertainer Queen Ladi Gangsta and her husband, Dowey, appear to be stronger than ever, with Queenie getting a tattoo of Dowey’s name.

Following their nuptials in April 2021, Queenie and Dowey have had a tumultuous relationship that has seen each lash out at the other in public. Their most recent falling out in 2023 appeared at first to be the end of their marriage, with Dowey leaving their home in England to travel solo to Canada.

Despite Queenie earlier expressing that she wanted a divorce, the couple reunited in February and have been inseparable since. As they continue to enjoy marital bliss, Queenie has showcased just how committed she is to her husband, adding his name to her other tattoos.

Dowey reportedly already has a tattoo of her name. In addition to her wedding ring, the One Man To Mi Goodie artiste’s left hand will now feature Dowey’s name and three hearts.

Queenie showcased her new tattoo in a video which shows her getting it done. While Queenie appeared pleased with the tattoo, viewers of the video criticised the entertainer for getting Dowey’s name tattooed.

Watch Queenie getting her tattoo and view some of the reactions below.

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