Queenie Says, “Enough is Enough,” and Declares She Wants a Divorce from Dowey – Watch Video

Social media personality Queen Ladi Gangster has revealed all the sorrows of her marriage, which she believes is no longer worth salvaging. The recording artiste has been fighting to keep her marriage of two years, but her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, has continued down a chaotic path.

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Now, Queenie says, “enough is enough. I don’t want this marriage,” in one of her most recent live streams. Queenie, Born Janese Espeut, made it clear in the YouTube Live stream that her husband has once again walked out on her.

While sharing that he removed his wedding ring before leaving, she told him that she now wanted a divorce. “Mi and yuh nuh inna nothing bredda. Come tek yuh divorce and leave me alone,” she said.

She spoke of Dowey being ungrateful, disrespectful and caring more about random women and his smartphone than his wife. In fact, Queenie even stated that her husband hated her. “My husband don’t rate me, him hate me. Mark my word,” she continued.

She described him as “hype,” “worthless,” and a “poppy show” and spoke about defending her husband in the public’s eye only for the sake of her marriage. Additionally, she also mentioned that her husband did not allow her to have a relationship with his son because the mother of his child was against it.

Other issues she touched on were that Dowey treated her coldly and unkindly and showed no loyalty. Queenie decided that she no longer wanted the marriage when her children got involved in the last dispute she had with her husband.

She said he beat her, and his friend came to help him move out. An altercation sparked between them, and his friend threatened her son.

Watch the video of Queenie below:

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